Axial Fan

Axial Fan

Adroit Axial flow fan’s are designed and manufactured for various application and duty conditions. Depending on the medium of air and temperature they can be offered in

Direct drivet

Belt drive


Rotors are of pressure diecast Aluminum ,Nylon & PAG, can be offered in fixed pitch and variable pitch. Rotors in stainless steel, steel & FRP can also be offered. Fan housing is fabricated out of steel, stainless steel etc.

Axial Fans are designed for optimum effeciency and low noise levels. Capacity ranging from 0.3m3/sec to 70m3/sec with static pressure from 3mmwc to 75 mmwc can be offered.

PAG impellers are widely recommended for energy conservation over conventional heavy aluminum impellers.

Variable pitch impellers do have the flexiblity to varry the capacity by changing the blade pitch angle .


The company started in 2004 manufacturers Fans, Blowers, Ventilation Systems and Airpollution Control Equipments.



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