About us

Adroit Fantech Engineer formed as a partnership firm in 2004. Currently owned by S.Patriron’s family. The company is into design and manufacture of top quality Centrifugal fans, axial fans, High-pressure blowers, Ventilation systems, mvr fan demister knock down vessel and Air pollution control equipments.

Our Quality

Adroit fans, blowers, ventilation system, air pollution control equipment are best known for performance, quality, dependability and life Adroit quality management system is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Certification to ISO 9001 requirements has been maintained since 2009.

Our Strength

Adroit have earned reputation for exceptional performance for fan, blower and Air pollution control equipment.
Fans and blowers are designed energy efficient and to suit your process.
Fan and blowers are designed with technical known how form AIR SOFT UK .
Designing of fans is done using solid works 2012.
Specialized in vibration and condition monitoring.
Designing of Air pollution control equipment like Bag Filter, Cyclone, Multi clone and scrubbers.
Field balancing of rotors.
Performance testing of fans on test bed and site.
Application engineering of fans and system.

Our Clients